Ekaterina Kurbatova
Pastry Chef Extraordinaire. Founder of's Online Pastry School

I am an accomplished pastry chef with professional training from the renowned Olivier Bajard International Confectionery School in France. My specialization lies in crafting intricate cakes and cupcakes. Through certified courses led by esteemed culinary masters such as Nina Tarasova, Tatiana Verbitskaya, Patrick Casula, Quentin Bailly, and more, I have further refined my skills and knowledge.

Drawing upon the expertise of these esteemed professionals and my own extensive experience, I have meticulously developed comprehensive study materials that address the unique challenges faced by contemporary pastry chefs. Join Maru courses today and unlock your creative potential with the latest knowledge and essential skills!

Mikhail Tsiukhtsiayeu
Certified SCA trainer. Author of the Kitchen Coffee Roasters project.

The author of the Kitchen Coffee Roasters project in Minsk and Vilnius together with his team opened the first brew bar in the history of Minsk. Mikhail was trained by Ida Steen (Coffee professional. Sensory scientist, CoffeeMind. Ph.D. candidate, CPH University, food science. ), creator of the course organoleptic analysis of coffee.

Studied with the 2018 World Barista Champion Agnieszka Rojewska. He was trained at Q-Grading by Gloria Pedroza, one of the most famous teachers in professional circles with a huge experience and baggage of knowledge (21 years in the coffee industry). Michael is a certified teacher of the SCA organization in the direction of Sensory Skill (organoleptic analysis).

He traveled around a lot of coffee shops around the globe from Australia to Iceland. Taught trainers at his barista school in Belarus. And simply loves and knows everything about coffee! 

Elena Konetskaya
Teacher at pastry school

Extensive experience with custom-made macarons and mousse desserts. Trained at courses of Vera Nikandrova, Olga Van-Young, Hans Ovando.