Learn how to cook travel cakes as good as in French bakeries at home!

"Cake House" Travel Cake Course

Enjoy the world of pastry-making by learning the art of creating travel cakes that are sure to impress. Join our course where you'll discover six unique travel cake recipes and learn the tricks of the trade to perfecting this deceptively simple dessert.
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This Course Is for You if You Want To

Cook simple, wholesome baked goods for family and friends
Enhance your expertise in the art of travel cakes and take your baking skills to new heights
Elevate your dessert offerings and captivate your clients with an enticing variety of delectable treats
Master the art of crafting speedy baked goods that stay fresh and delicious for extended periods
Unravel the secrets of travel cake techniques and discover the perfect harmony between its ingredients
Amaze your loved ones with delectable pastries that rival those found in top-notch confectioneries

Perfect for Every Level of Expertise


Embark on a journey of discovery as you delve into the world of travel cakes. Master different kneading techniques and their impact on texture. Achieve consistent results with tender crumb and beautiful peaks.


Unlock a fresh perspective on travel cakes. Explore diverse kneading methods and their influence on texture. Elevate your skills to create travel cakes with a delicate crumb and impressive peaks.


Deepen your understanding of dough ingredients, uncover 6 new tried-and-true recipes, and explore captivating decorating techniques. Embrace exciting flavor combinations while honing your expertise in travel cake mastery.

In This Course

A ready-to-sell

You won't have to think hard about what to offer your customers. Six completely different flavors and decorations make a ready-made solution for a pastry shop showcase or a made-to-order type of work. All recipes have already been worked through by our Chef and approved by the most demanding customers.

Easy to grasp recipes, affordable

All of our travel cake recipes are quite simple. Each step of preparation is described in detail so that even a novice can cope with it, and the necessary ingredients can be purchased at local pastry stores or marketplaces

Different types of glazes and decorations

Our Chef has structured the course to show you as many techniques and decorating options as possible using 6 travel cakes as examples. You will learn how to work with chocolate and fruit puree based glazes, make decorations with streusel, whipped ganache, nuts, and chocolate.

Full/comprehensive support from a supervisor

During the course, you may have questions about choosing ingredients, baking molds, or baking temperatures. You can ask a supervisor all these questions and expect to receive an answer quickly.

Course Program

We've tried to make each of the six weeks of training special!
Week 1
Peanut-Caramel travel cake

This travel cake features a moist texture and is made with flavored toasted peanut flour. It is topped with a layer of caramelized chocolate and decorated with peanut pieces.

Week 2
Lemon Basil travel cake

The travel cake dough is infused with fresh green basil, which lends it a unique freshness. The top of the travel cake is covered with silky lemon cream and finished with airy burnt meringue.

Week 3
Piedmont Financier travel cake

A delectable travel cake with hazelnuts and noisette butter (nut butter) for a special flavor and moist texture. Inside the travel cake, you'll find pieces of gianduja - chocolate with nut paste. The top is adorned with a crunchy caramel crumble.

Week 4
Velvet travel cake

Indulge in a chocolate travel cake with candied oranges, covered with a chocolate glaze and decorated with chocolate swirls. It offers a rich chocolate flavor with a velvety texture and a hint of orange. The travel cake is finished with a matte chocolate frosting and dynamic chocolate curls.

Week 5
Sicilian Holiday travel cake

This travel cake boasts the quintessential pistachio flavor. It combines three textures: a flavorful dough with pistachio paste, pistachio ganache on white chocolate, and crunchy sable pistachios. The travel cake is covered with a white chocolate glaze with pistachio paste.

Week 6
Ruby travel cake

For berry dessert lovers, this travel cake is a treat. The two-tone, juicy dough infused with vanilla and raspberries creates a beautiful crumb pattern. The travel cake is covered with a vibrant fruit puree-based glaze and decorated with whipped raspberry ganache.

Your Learning Experience

Our learning process is designed to create a safe space for you to learn by making mistakes, gaining experience, and receiving support and feedback from our expert instructors and curators.

Video materials

Once you've enrolled in the course, get ready for a weekly dose of knowledge! You'll stay on track with our effective learning rhythm and have one year of access to the course from the purchase date. Feel free to watch and rewatch the material as much as you'd like.


Our courses provide ample opportunities for independent work, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge in practical ways. Our instructors and experts will evaluate your work, provide constructive feedback, and offer personalized recommendations to help you refine your skills and achieve your pastry goals.


Take your cooking skills to the next level with our weekly challenge. Cook a dish from the lesson, submit a photo and description, and receive expert feedback from curator. You'll master new techniques and overcome any hurdles in your culinary journey.


Upon completing the course, you'll be awarded a certificate that proves your competency in pastry. To earn the certificate, make sure to complete 100% of the course homework and submit it to the course curator for review. This certificate is recognized worldwide, proving that you're a skilled pastry chef no matter where you go.

Course Instructor

Ekaterina Kurbatova
Pastry Chef Extraordinaire. Founder of Maru.expert's Online Pastry School

I am an accomplished pastry chef with professional training from the renowned Olivier Bajard International Confectionery School in France. My specialization lies in crafting intricate cakes and cupcakes. Through certified courses led by esteemed culinary masters such as Nina Tarasova, Tatiana Verbitskaya, Patrick Casula, Quentin Bailly, and more, I have further refined my skills and knowledge.

Drawing upon the expertise of these esteemed professionals and my own extensive experience, I have meticulously developed comprehensive study materials that address the unique challenges faced by contemporary pastry chefs. Join Maru courses today and unlock your creative potential with the latest knowledge and essential skills!

Bonus Materials for Course Participants

The ultimate ingredient selection guide

Embark on your travel cake journey armed with the knowledge of selecting the perfect ingredients. Our comprehensive guide reveals the best butter and cream options, and even provides alternatives like replacing trimaline with glucose. Uncover the answers to these queries and more in this invaluable resource.

Mastering travel cake dough: Troubleshooting Tips and Creative Solutions

Discover the most common mishaps when crafting travel cake dough, their root causes, and ingenious ways to overcome them. This handy "hacker's guide" will empower you to sidestep pitfalls and gain a deeper insight into the art of creating flawless travel cakes.

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Achieve Success With Our Training

Say Goodbye to Oven Worries: Attain consistent results effortlessly, eliminating the need for anxious oven monitoring.
Creative Kneading Techniques: Explore various methods of kneading travel cakes, understanding their impact on the final outcome.
Mastering Dough Perfection: Unlock the secrets of achieving the ideal crumb texture and a beautifully raised cake.
Moist and Juicy Delights: Create irresistibly moist and flavorful travel cakes that captivate every bite.
Artful Glazing and Decoration: Elevate your cake presentation with innovative glazing and decorative techniques.
Unlock Global Opportunities: Acquire a versatile skill set that opens doors to lucrative pastry chef careers worldwide.

MARU Certificate

To qualify for a certificate, students must demonstrate their commitment by completing 100% of the course assignments and submitting product photos to their instructor for evaluation.

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Can I use a different-sized mold for baking the travel cake?

Yes, you can, but it's advisable to consult with the curator beforehand. They will provide guidance on baking specifics and whether the mold is suitable.

Do I need special tools for making travel cakes?

Travel cakes can be made with basic pastry tools. It's one of the easiest types of baking. All you need is a standard set of cooking tools and the willingness to learn! You can find a list of required equipment for the course immediately after payment.

What should I do if I have questions during the cooking process?

If you have any questions about the ingredients or cooking techniques, you can reach out to your tutor for assistance.

What if I can't find all the required ingredients? Can I substitute some of them?

The curator will suggest alternative ingredients whenever possible to accommodate availability.

Which travel cake mold is recommended for purchase?

We recommend choosing a metal mold, preferably 8x18 cm (3x7 inches) in size, with or without a non-stick coating. Silicone molds are not recommended, unless it's for portioned products, and molds longer than 20 cm (8 inches) should be avoided.