Privacy policy

The present Privacy policy regulates an order of processing and use of personal and other data of self-employed entrepreneur Katsiaryna Kurbatava (further Maru Expert or Administration).

The purpose of the present Privacy policy is ensuring appropriate protection of personal information which the User provides on himself independently when using the Website or in the process of registration (creation of the account) for acquisition of services. The relations connected with collecting, storage, distribution and information security provided by the User are regulated by the present Privacy policy, other official documents of self-employed entrepreneur Katsiaryna Kurbatava and the current legislation of the Republic of Poland. Using the Website, the User expresses the full consent with conditions of the present Privacy policy, present Contract of the public offer and Terms of service. If the User doesn't agree with conditions of the present Privacy policy, he is obliged to stop using the Website 

1. Main terms and definitions

  • The platform – the software and hardware tools integrated with the Website;
  • The User – the capable individuals who acceded to the present Agreement in own interest or acting on behalf of a name and for the benefit of the legal entity, represented by him.
  • The Website – the Websites placed in the domain and its subdomains.
  • All exclusive rights to the Website and its single elements (including the software, design) belong to Administrations in full. Transmission of the exclusive rights to the User is not a subject of the present Privacy policy.
  • Service – a complex of the services provided to the User with use of the Platform.
  • The agreement – the present agreement with all additions and changes.

2. Compilation and processing of personal data

The Administration compile and processes the following personal User information:

  • Name and Surname;
  • E-mail address (e-mail);
  • IP address;
  • The information, which is contained in cookies files;
  • Other information.

Processing of personal User information is carried out according to the legislation of the Republic of Poland.

The Administration seeks to protect as much as possible personal data of the User and applies modern technologies to implementation of safe storage of information.

The Administration provides access to personal User information only to those workers and contractors for whom this information is necessary for ensuring functioning of the Website and rendering Services.

The Administration is entitled to use information provided by the User, including personal data, for ensuring compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Poland (including prevention and (or) suppression of illegal and (or) illegal acts of Users). Disclosure of information provided by the User is eligible only according to the current legislation of the Republic of Poland upon the demand of court, law enforcement agencies, and as well as in other cases provided by the legislation of the Republic of Poland.

3. Use of personal data

The Administration of the Website is entitled to use personal data in the following cases:

  • for identification of the User;
  • for rendering of services to the User;
  • for processing of payments of the User;
  • for sending advertising and information materials by e-mail;
  • for processing of requests of the User;
  • for quality improvement of service and the produced materials;
  • for the internal reporting.

4. Changes of personal data

The User has an opportunity to change personal data in a personal account. The User guarantees that the provided data are reliable and irrelevant to data of the third parties.

The Administration doesn't check reliability of information provided by the User and proceeds on the basis that the User conscientiously provides reliable and sufficient information, cares for timeliness of alterations to earlier provided information wherever it deemed necessary.


Privacy policy change

The Administration is entitled to make changes on a periodic basis and for various reasons to the present Privacy policy, for example, for reflection of changes of the legislation and regulations, the branch principles and technical developments.

The Administration notifies the User on all the changes of the present Privacy policy by e-mail, having sent the letter to the e-mail address linked to the account of the User.

The current version of the present Privacy policy is posted on the Website. At alteration in relevant edition, date of the last update is specified. New edition of Privacy policy comes into effect from the moment of its posting unless otherwise provided by new edition of Privacy policy.


5. Exemption clauses

Administration does everything possible for observance of the present Privacy Policy, however, we can’t guarantee safety of information in case of influence of the factors which are out of our influence, result of action of which shall be considered as a disclosure of information. The Website and all information posted on it are provided by the principle "as-is" without any guarantees. We are not responsible for adverse effects and, also for any losses caused owing to restriction of access to the Website of URL, or owing to Website session and use of information posted on it.


Questions and comments

In a case of incurrence of questions or comments concerning the present Policy you may contact us at the address