2 meringue types, 12 mind-blowing fillings

Macaron Addiction Course

Master the art of macaron-making with our course! Learn to create the perfect Macaron and delectable fillings. Elevate your dessert game with our secrets for delicate cookies and delicious flavors. Unleash your inner French pastry chef and join us now!
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4 weeks
12 lessons
New recipes every week
Book of recipes
25+ recipes
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This Course Is for Those Who Want To

Make homemade Macarons
Have a thorough understanding of the process besides a practical recipe
Practice the cooking method to consistently get a good result
Cook smooth macarons without hollows
Try various fillings right away
Start taking orders for macarons

Who Is This Course Designed For?

Macarons course for beginners

This course is your ultimate starting point in the world of pastry. Discover the tantalizing recipes and trade secrets of macaron making from our expert instructors who will provide personalized guidance and constructive feedback every step of the way.

Macarons course for amateurs

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned baker who's had some trouble with macarons before, our course has got you covered. Our recipes have been tried and tested by our expert instructors to ensure that you'll get the perfect result every time. With our guidance, you'll be a macaron-making pro in no time!

Macarons course for professionals

Elevate your pastry game and explore new, unique flavors with our expert-led macaron course. Discover innovative techniques and refine your skills to become a true master in the art of macaron-making.

In the Course

Different meringue types shells

In this course we look at the technology of making macarons using 2 types of meringue: French and Italian, to show the differences in taste, appearance and texture. Having the skill to work with different types of meringue you can choose the method of preparation that suits you best.

A ready-to-sell line of flavors

There are 10 different macarons flavors presented in this course – this is a ready-to-sell product line that you can start selling in the shop. You do not have to think too much: the range offered in the course includes berry, nut, chocolate, exotic and other original flavors.


The pastry chef will teach you to make consistent results always. You will learn how to bake macarons with smooth shells without cracks, how to optimize your work and be able to organize the production of custom macarons even at home.


Throughout the course you can ask your mentor any question: how to choose ingredients, baking mode, and how to store macarons properly. You will always have a mentor, ready to help at any moment.

Course Program

We did our best to make each of the four study weeks special!
Week 1
Theory. French meringue macarons. “Pistachio-Apricot” filling

Macarons theory

French meringue

Piping macarons

Pistachio ganache

Apricot marmalade

Macarons baking mode

Week 2
French meringue macarons “Latte” + “Chocolate tonka bean”

Latte filling

Chocolate tonka bean filling

Week 3
Italian meringue macarons. “Yogurt-red berry” + “Hazelnut” filling

Italian meringue

“Yogurt-red berries” filling

Hazelnut macarons

Week 4
7 fantastic filling for macarons

“Snickers” filling

“Coconut-passion fruit” filling

“Grapefruit-champagne-strawberry” filling

“Pear-cheese-pine nut” filling

“Carrot-mandarin cheesecake” filling

“Mint-raspberry” filling

Your Learning Experience

Our learning process is designed to create a safe space for you to learn by making mistakes, gaining experience, and receiving support and feedback from our expert instructors and curators.

Video materials

Once you've enrolled in the course, get ready for a weekly dose of knowledge! You'll stay on track with our effective learning rhythm and have one year of access to the course from the purchase date. Feel free to watch and rewatch the material as much as you'd like.


Our courses provide ample opportunities for independent work, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge in practical ways. Our instructors and experts will evaluate your work, provide constructive feedback, and offer personalized recommendations to help you refine your skills and achieve your pastry goals.


Take your cooking skills to the next level with our weekly challenge. Cook a dish from the lesson, submit a photo and description, and receive expert feedback from curator. You'll master new techniques and overcome any hurdles in your culinary journey.


Upon completing the course, you'll be awarded a certificate that proves your competency in pastry. To earn the certificate, make sure to complete a 100% of the course homework and submit it to the course curator for review. This certificate is recognized worldwide, proving that you're a skilled pastry chef no matter where you go.

Course Instructor

Elena Konetskaya
Teacher at Maru.expert pastry school

Extensive experience with custom-made macarons and mousse desserts. Trained at courses of Vera Nikandrova, Olga Van-Young, Hans Ovando.

Every Student Additionally Gets

Mistake no more: A comprehensive guide to perfect macarons

Say goodbye to macaron mishaps! Our guide compiles all the solutions to common mistakes you may encounter while making these delicate treats.

Custom macaron boxes to showcase your brand

Make your macarons stand out with custom packaging! Our recommended polygraphy place lets you add your brand name to the box design for a professional touch.

Ready, set, launch: The ultimate macaron business checklist

Ready to turn your passion for macarons into a business? Our PDF checklist has everything you need to get started quickly and efficiently.

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The Advantages of Taking This Course

Achieve consistent results and say goodbye to the anxiety of waiting by the oven.
Discover how to streamline your workflow, increase batch sizes, and store macarons for future use.
Explore diverse filling options and create your own distinct flavors.
Master the art of creating flawless cookie shapes for any occasion.
Craft macarons that are rich in flavor without being cloyingly sweet.
Develop a portable skill that allows you to earn regardless of your location.

MARU Certificate

To get a certificate students have to complete 100% of the course homework and submit photos of the products to their instructor.

Choose a Pricing Plan

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€49       -€40 €89
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  • 6 months access to the course
  • Recipe Book
  • Personal account with lessons
  • A compilation of mistakes and solutions
  • Macarons box layout
  • A PDF check-list for launching your macarons business
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Mentor support


What languages are the courses taught in?

All courses and course materials are taught in English.

When can I contact the chef for assistance?

The chef can be contacted at any time during the course and for up to two months after the course ends. We also update our FAQs regularly with solutions to common issues.

Is completing homework required for the course?

No, we offer you the freedom to decide how you want to study based on your goals and experience, but we do hope you will apply the knowledge we offer.

Is there a list of required ingredients for the course?

Yes, we provide a list of ingredients and substitutions for some of them during the first class. This gives you time to prepare for upcoming classes.

What type of flour should I use for macarons?

We recommend using finely milled flour that can be found at pastry stores. Homemade flour may not yield the best results.

What if I have questions during the cooking process?

Feel free to contact the course curator with any questions.

What if I can't find certain ingredients? Can they be substituted?

The curator can help you understand alternative options, but not all ingredients can be substituted. They can also help you find missing ingredients and identify quality products.