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"Tarto'clock" Tartlet Mastery Course

Tartlets are the perfect format for a portioned dessert that may contain different textures, but one thing is constant: a base of shortbread dough. In this course, we'll break down all aspects of working with shortbread dough and turn you into a tartlet maestro!
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This Course Is for You if You

Love shortbread pastry
Want to work with shortbread pastry with confidence and get perfect results
Planning to make your own tartlets to order and make money on it.
Want your tartlet bases to be crispy and crumbly
Thinking of ways to diversify your assortment of shortbread pastry
Already tried making tartlets but it turned out to be a disappointment: the base for the tartlets turned out uneven, the sides dropped, the dough turned out stiff, etc.

This Is Course Designed For


Whether you're completely new to working with shortbread pastry or have limited experience, this course is tailored to provide a comprehensive foundation. From selecting the right tools and ingredients to exploring elegant tartlet decorations, we'll guide you through every step.


If you already have some experience with shortbread pastry, this course will elevate your skills to the next level. Discover new tips and tricks that will enhance your techniques and ensure consistently outstanding results. We'll delve into the intricacies of ingredient interactions and help you avoid common dough-related pitfalls.


For those seeking to push the boundaries of their tartlet creations, this course offers a wealth of advanced techniques and flavor combinations. Expand your dessert repertoire with a tantalizing array of innovative flavors that will captivate your customers. From effortless sophistication to irresistible simplicity, you'll master the art of crafting exquisite tartlets.

You can conveniently find all the ingredients you need at local pastry stores and bustling marketplaces, making it a hassle-free process to gather everything required

In This Course

A ready-made
of exquisite

Eight completely different tartlets are a ready-made solution for a pastry shop showcase or a custom order. Don't waste time looking for textures and flavors. All of the tartlets have already been carefuly worked out by Chef and approved by the most discerning customers.

Optimal Inventory Selection: Maximizing Efficiency and Minimizing

Discover invaluable insights on selecting the perfect inventory to streamline your kitchen operations and reduce unnecessary waste. Our comprehensive guide will enlighten you on choosing the ideal dough and décor molds, while exploring how the mold material influences the final product.

Exploring the World of Shortbread: Unleashing Flavor Variety and Baking Techniques

Immerse yourself in a captivating course that unveils an array of shortbread dough types, each offering unique techniques and endless flavor possibilities. Witness the fascinating contrasts in texture achieved through various dough-making methods, empowering you to select the perfect style that resonates with your culinary vision.

Optimize your workflow and scale
it up

You'll learn how to work like a pro: properly store and prepare products for delivery to the customer faster than you ever thought was possible. All of the recipes in this course can be easily replicated in large quantities. The tartlet decors are easy to make, minimalistic, and not time-consuming.

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Course Program

We've tried to make each of the eight weeks of training special!
Tartlet Theory
Tartlet decor

You'll learn what decorating options you can use to decorate your tartlets, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Tartlet Theory

This lesson is an overview of the equipment needed to make tartlets. Here you will find information on which tartlet molds to choose, where to knead the dough, what material to use for rolling out the dough and what is best to bake on.

Tartlet Theory
Ingredients for shortbread dough

You will learn what ingredients we use when making shortbread dough, their characteristics and the role they play in the dough.

Tartlet Theory
Types of sand dough

You will learn what types of shortbread dough exist, their characteristics, how they differ, peculiarities of use and technology of preparation.

Class 1
Basil-Infused Strawberry Pesto Tartlet

Discover the fresh allure of basil-infused strawberry perfection. This innovative tartlet unites vibrant flavors and delicate textures, harmonizing crunchy elements with a basil-infused twist.

Class 2
Chocolate Buckwheat Tartlet

Indulge in the decadence of our open-style chocolate buckwheat tartlet. A crispy crumble base hosts the rich blend of dark and milk chocolate, accentuated by a delightful buckwheat praline. Adorned with an elegant chocolate decor, it creates a tantalizing contrast to the delicate namelaka filling.

Class 3
Peanut-Currant Tartlet

Experience the delightful marriage of peanuts and zesty currants in this unexpected combination. Indulge in the moistness of a peanut sable base, layered with a burst of black currant confit. The crowning glory is a luscious whipped ganache, intertwining the essence of currants and peanuts.

Class 4
Raspberry Pistachio Tartlet

Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible pairing of raspberries and pistachios. Delight in the symphony of textures, from the crunchy sable base and delicate wafer crumb layer to the velvety pistachio cream, raspberry gel, and the ethereal whipped raspberry ganache.

Class 5
Pearl Tartlet

Savor the allure of vintage-inspired chocolate sable, adorned with an aromatic hazelnut financier and decadent caramelized chocolate ganache. Nestled within is a tantalizing core of stretchy chocolate caramel, crowned with a delicate caramel cream infused with the exotic essence of tonka bean.

Class 6
Currant Hibiscus Tartlet

Embark on a journey of vibrant flavors as hibiscus intertwines with tangy red currants. Experience the delightful crunch of almond praline, the velvety smoothness of vanilla cream, and the bright burst of hibiscus and currants in every delectable bite.

Class 7
Hazelnut Apricot Tartlet

Allow the dominance of apricot to be harmoniously softened by the creamy richness of hazelnut and cheesecake. Let the infusion of thyme in the apricot confit add depth and dimension to this flavor symphony, creating a three-dimensional and satisfying experience.

Class 8
Cherry Poppy seed Tartlet

Inspired by a cherry and poppy seed-filled croissant, this tartlet encapsulates the essence of that delightful combination. Indulge in a crispy shortbread base, a juicy amaretto and poppy seed biscuit, and a heavenly whipped cherry poppy seed cream. The cherry gel and exquisite agar jelly decoration elevate this creation to a spectacular finale.

Learning Experience

Our learning process is carefully designed to provide you with a supportive and enriching environment. We believe in the power of learning through practice, feedback, and guidance from our instructors and curators.

Engaging Video Lessons

Once you enroll in the course, you'll gain access to a new lesson each week. This ensures a consistent and effective learning experience. You'll have one year of unlimited access to the course, allowing you to review the material as many times as you'd like.

Hands-on Practice

Hands-on practice is key to reinforcing your understanding. Our courses are structured to allow you to apply your knowledge in practical ways. Our instructors and experts will evaluate your work, provide detailed feedback, and offer personalized recommendations.

Guided Feedback

Each week, you'll prepare a dish based on the lesson and submit your work through a dedicated form (including a photo and description). An experienced curator will guide you through any challenges, provide support, and help you enhance your skills.


Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate. To earn this recognition, you must complete all course assignments and submit them for evaluation by our curators. This certificate will validate your knowledge and expertise, no matter where you are in the world.

Course Instructor

Ekaterina Kurbatova
Pastry Chef Extraordinaire. Founder of Maru.expert's Online Pastry School

I am an accomplished pastry chef with professional training from the renowned Olivier Bajard International Confectionery School in France. My specialization lies in crafting intricate cakes and cupcakes. Through certified courses led by esteemed culinary masters such as Nina Tarasova, Tatiana Verbitskaya, Patrick Casula, Quentin Bailly, and more, I have further refined my skills and knowledge.

Drawing upon the expertise of these esteemed professionals and my own extensive experience, I have meticulously developed comprehensive study materials that address the unique challenges faced by contemporary pastry chefs. Join Maru courses today and unlock your creative potential with the latest knowledge and essential skills!

Every Course Student Receives Valuable Extras

+3 Delectable Tartlet Topping Recipes

In addition to the comprehensive video tutorials, we're delighted to provide you with three additional PDF recipes featuring exquisite tartlet toppings. These recipes come complete with detailed descriptions of every cooking process. With a total of 11 working tartlet recipes at your disposal, you'll be able to showcase your skills and indulge in these delectable treats both in your professional endeavors and at home.

Comprehensive Guide: Overcoming Common Mistakes in Working with Shortbread Dough

We understand the challenges that can arise when working with shortbread dough. That's why we've prepared an invaluable guide for you, highlighting the most frequent mistakes and offering practical solutions. This comprehensive resource outlines the causes of these common mistakes and provides step-by-step remedies. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to effortlessly sidestep pitfalls, and in case anything does go amiss, you'll have a handy reference to consult at any time.

Almond Biscuit From Tartlet “Cherry-Poppy Seed”

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Training Results: What You'll Achieve

Explore various tartlet toppings and create your own unique variations
Impress your customers and friends with delectable European-inspired desserts
Build confidence in your baking skills, achieving consistent and reliable results every time. Say goodbye to doubts and worries related to working with shortbread dough
Master the art of crafting perfect shortbread bases with even edges, thin, crisp textures, and a delightful crumbly bite
Acquire a valuable skill that knows no borders, enabling you to earn money and pursue your passion anywhere in the world
Expand your dessert offerings with a diverse range of ready-made tartlets, catering to different tastes and preferences. Delight your customers with an instant selection of delicious treats

What our students say

Курс и сам десерт тарталетка - это любовь с первого изделия. Каждый урок - это новый вкус, новая текстура, новый декор. Таким образом, можно охватить большое число техник и невероятных вкусовых комбинаций. Некоторые из них -удивительное открытие! Настолько неповторимы сочетания, что просто невозможно выбрать лучший.
Уроки подробны, в них обращено внимание на важные детали процесса приготовления. Дополнительно в чате Катерина отвечает на все возникающие вопросы и дает рекомендации, что абсолютно бесценно и порой очень важно. Поддержка от других участниц курса колоссальна!
Спасибо за этот опыт и новую меня!
Курс по тарталеткам стал для меня удивительным расширением вкусовых горизонтов. Каждая тарталетка - это идеальный богатый на текстуры и вкусы десерт. Отдельное внимание хочется уделить качественный обратной связи  и поддержки куратора Екатерины, которая дает стабильную уверенность, что всё точно получится!
Тарталетки для меня были неизведанны до момента курса. Я их не готовила и мои знания относительно песочного теста не были широкими. 
Точно могу сказать, что курс это изменил. Четкая теория, видео приготовления составлено «без воды», в хорошем качестве и с качественной подачей продукта. Это не первый мой курс в школе «Maru» и каждый раз я отмечаю для себя, сколько опыта и знаний я выношу из обучения. 
Очень быстрая и профессиональная обратная связь от преподавателя, безумно дружелюбная атмосфера в чате (я люблю групповое обучение), детальный разбор ошибок. 
Я осталась очень довольна результатом своих работ и качеством пройденного курса

MARU Certificate

In order to be eligible for a certificate, students are required to showcase their dedication by successfully completing all course assignments and submitting product photos for evaluation by their instructor.

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  • Common mistakes in working with shortcrust pastry and their solutions
  • Certificate
  • Mentor support
  • 2 personal consultations of up to 1 hour
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  • 12 months access to the course
  • Cookbook
  • +3 recipes for tartlet fillings
  • Common mistakes in working with shortcrust pastry and their solutions
  • Certificate
  • Mentor support
  • 2 personal consultations of up to 1 hour


Can I do it if I've never worked with shortbread dough before?

Yes, the course is designed so that even a beginner can do it. All processes in the course are shown in as much detail as possible. Practical lessons are preceded by theoretical materials that help you understand the peculiarities of working with the dough and, if practiced, get the desired result.

What ingredients and equipment do I need for the course?

You will receive a list of necessary equipment and ingredients as soon as you pay for the course. You will have plenty of time to study it and prepare for the next classes.

Who can I ask questions to if I have any?

You can ask any questions by emailing us at hello@maru.expert, What's app or Telegram.

What if I can't find some ingredients?

Contact a supervisor to see what could be the substitutions at any time and they will help you find substitutes for ingredients that are not available in your area.

Do I need special conditions to work with shortbread dough?

To work comfortably with the dough, it is important that the room temperature is up to  25C. If possible, it is better to cool the room down to 20-22C. It is possible to work with the dough at higher temperatures, but this requires certain skills and experience.

Will I be able to make tartlets in advance and freeze them?

Yes, you can make tartlets in advance and freeze them. We will tell you more about freezing and storage in the course.

Will I be able to make or sell my own tartlets in my bakery?

All of the products in the course are suitable for selling at a pastry shop or making to order. We love seeing products from our course recipes on the showcases.

Write to me if you need help