Here we assembled all of Maru Expert FAQs . If you haven't found an answer to your questions, contact us in a convenient way for you and we will be happy to help you

Which language courses are taught in?

Courses are all in english, so are course materials.

Can I buy Maru Expert course as a gift to someone?

Of course! To do this, head to “Gift a course” section, fill out a short form and purchase the course. After you complete the payment, we will send a gift certificate to your email – you can print it out and gift personally or forward via email.

I am a beginner confectioner. Are Maru Expert courses a good fit for me?

At Maru expert you can find courses for people of all mastery levels. Most of them are suitable for novices. If you have concerns, you can ask us in What’sapp or Telegram.

You have many courses. How do I decide where to begin?

All Maru Expert courses do not intercest, so you can begin with whichever you prefer. See which of them interests you them most and is more in line with your mastery level, and start with that one.

Do I have to start the course right away or can I start a little later?

You can start the course anytime you want within 12 months after purchase. You still have the instructor’s feedback opportunity, so as away.

Do I receive access to the whole course right away?

Right after purchase, you receive access to the first lesson. The following lessons will become accessible according to the schedule. Intervals between the lessons are meant for you to practice the cooking, they allow you to structurize the work and move from the simpliest to the most complicated.

For how long will I have the access to the course that I paid for?

You will have 12-month access to the course after purchasing it. During this time you may watch it as many times as you’d like. You can save the recipes to your pc and keep them for forever.

Do you have a list of the ingredients that I will need while studying?

Yes, we provide a list of ingredients that you will need for every course. The list is handed out at the first lesson for you to take a look and find all the necessary items for the lessons to come.

What do I do if I can’t find one or two of the necessary ingredients?

We know that some ingredients can’t be found at the nearby store. In cases where some of the products can be replaced by others, we mark this in the list. You can also let us know if you can’t find something and we will do our best to help you find it.

When can I contact chef for help?

You can ask chef for help anytime during the course and within two months after the course completion. We are updating the list of FAQs and answers to them based on our students’ experience and feedback.

Do I have to do homework during the course?

You don’t have to. We give you the liberty to decide this for yourself based on your learning experience and objectives. Though we think that learning is more effective if you do the homework.

Where do I submit my homework?

Every course lessons have a form underneath them for you to submit your homework there – attach a photo, video, your comment and/or question.

What kind of format should I go for when submitting my homework?

Course curator needs at least two photos of the product to evaluate it: the general look and a slice. The photos should be done at a daylight, adequate sharpness and natural colors. If curator has questions, they may ask you to provide additional photos, including a photo of one of the cooking stages. Therefore we recommend you to record on video or photo all of your dessert cooking stages. The more you have to show, the easier it will be for curator to provide specific feedback.

Do I get a certificate upon course completion?

After sucessfully completing 70% of the homework that was given to you, we will email you a certificate of the course completion.

Why these courses are paid? How is Maru Expert better than free video lessons from the internet?

With free lessons, you watch and then you forget them. You can’t add “watched youtube videos” to your resume either. On the opposite, Maru Ezpert guarantees you quality of the lessons and bares restponsibility for your results. Thanks to the skilled and experiences experts, convenient platform, constact connection with curators, and homeworks checks, we transform amateurs into confectioners. We accompany our students from the beginning till the end, shape strongs skills, and sign every certifiate we issue.

Will I need any special equipment?

For most of Maru Expert courses your basic kitchenware is enough. However, modern quality equipment makes many processes considerably easier and influences your cooking experience. If you feel like you need help assembling a kitchenware list, let us know – we are happy to share our experience and will help you understand what you will need.