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We gather global pastry experts to offer comprehensive pastry education. Students love Maru.Expert for taking their skills and passion to the next level. Let us sprinkle magic on your pastry-making journey!
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Maru Expert courses allow you to start with the fundamentals and gradually advance in the confectionary art. Have you ever wondered if cooking is your thing? Discover your hidden talent as a confectioner.

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With our online academy you will learn how to transform simple ingredients into mouthwatering creations that leave your taste buds dancing. Join Maru.Expert today and let's unleash your inner chef.

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Led by culinary masters, our courses share unique know-how to help you create stunning desserts. Develop skills and gain confidence to experiment and create your own signature style in confectionery. Elevate your cooking passion now!

Online Pasrty Courses

Ready to take your pastry skills to the next level? Our courses offer a great opportunity to learn from experienced confectioners, gain exclusive access to culinary secrets, personal experiences, and expert tips. Plus, you can connect directly, ask questions, and receive detailed feedback to elevate your skills even further.

Air cream tartlets from the "Tarto'clock" Online Classes
Poppy seed tartlet from the Tarto'clock course
"Tarto'clock" Tartlet Mastery Course
Tartlets are the perfect format for a portioned dessert that may contain different textures, but one thing is constant: a base of shortbread dough. In this course, we'll break down all aspects of working with shortbread dough and turn you into a tartlet maestro!
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Travel cake course
Online travel cake course
"Cake House" Travel Cake Course
Enjoy the world of pastry-making by learning the art of creating travel cakes that are sure to impress. Join our course where you'll discover six unique travel cake recipes and learn the tricks of the trade to perfecting this deceptively simple dessert.
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Macaron Addiction Course. Macaron fillings
Master the art of macaron-making
Macaron Addiction Course
Master the art of macaron-making with our course! Learn to create the perfect Macaron and delectable fillings. Elevate your dessert game with our secrets for delicate cookies and delicious flavors. Unleash your inner French pastry chef and join us now!
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Get ready to explore the most captivating and helpful culinary topics, hand-picked for passionate cooks like you.

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What our students say

Сначала это был провал) ничего не получилось с первым хлебом и я думала что не мое это:) но потом когда хлеб за хлебом получался это был восторг) я бы могла предложить Екатерине, как доп опцию продавать свою закваску для старта студентам, потому что это был бы хороший старт. Когда с закваской была беда и я отставала было очень нервозно и хотелось все бросить)
Никогда бы не смогла представить себе, что обучение чему-то может быть настолько вдохновляющим и легким, практически терапевтическим. Благодаря Екатерине и Татьяне я не просто получила знания-опыт, у меня получилось проникнуться искренней любовью, магией создания из воды и муки большой и пышной булочки. Спасибо за этот незабываемый опыт каждому причастному к созданию этого курса человеку.
До курса для меня хлеб мог и не быть, а теперь не представляю свою жизнь без хлеба . Екатерина, огромное спасибо за эти знания
На курсе я впервые испекла свой хлеб на закваске, которую вывела сама. Были трудности при выведении закваски. При работе с хлебом главное - это наработка навыка чувствования хлеба, понимание процессов брожения, расстойки, формовки и выпечки хлеба. На курсе была возможность выпечь разные хлеба, получить мобильную качественную обратную связь с помощью при возникновении трудностей.
Спасибо Кате за курс. Он получился бомбическим!
Спасибо Тане за помощь в выведении закваски и выпечке хлеба, рецензии и обратную связь на платформе курса и в чате!
Наталья Быханькова
Наталья Быханькова
Раньше пробовала печь, но не всегда получался хороший результат. Сейчас более стабильный результат, узнала некоторые нюансы в приготовлении, а также невероятно вкусные рецепты добавились в копилочку. Семья в восторге от хлебушка, у каждого появился свой фаворит. Кате огромная благодарность за обучение 🌺🌺🌺

Our Goal

At Maru Expert, we're on a mission to bring together confectionery enthusiasts worldwide. Our platform offers a collaborative space to share experiences, develop skills, and encourage each other to bring new, innovative ideas to the table. Let's build a community of passionate pastry chefs together!

Discover the Learning Journey

Our process is designed to provide a safe space for exploration, experimentation, and growth. With expert guidance and feedback from our tutors and curators, you'll gain the confidence and hone your skills in no time.

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Once you purchased the course, each week you will have access to a new lesson. This will help you keep up with the effective learning pace. You'll have course access for 365 days from your purchase date. During this time, you can have unlimited access to all materials.
Reinforce your learning through practical application. Our courses provide you with the opportunity to put your new knowledge to work! Our team of instructors and experts will guide you, evaluate your work, and provide personalized feedback to help you improve.
Submit your culinary creations and get feedback from an experienced curator in our weekly cooking challenge. Perfect your skills with personalized guidance and overcome any obstacles along the way.
As you finish the course, you'll be rewarded with a globally recognized certificate that acknowledges your pastry expertise. Simply complete 100% of the course homework and submit it for review to our experienced course curator. With this certificate, you can demonstrate your pastry knowledge and skills to anyone, anywhere in the world.

We Are Here to Help!

Curious about the course structure, the experts behind it, or just don't know where to begin? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Leave us your number, and we'll reach out to you ASAP to answer any questions you may have. Consider us your personal guide to the exciting universe of pastry.

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Closer Look Into Our Online Courses

Welcome to the delicious world of's online pastry courses! Our courses are a delectable journey into the intricate art of confectionery. With expert guidance, learn the secrets and subtleties of creating mouth-watering desserts and pastries. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, our courses are designed to challenge and inspire you to elevate your pastry game.

At, we take pride in offering pastry courses that are backed by the expertise of professional chefs. Our students benefit from tried and tested recipes that have been refined to perfection, so you can be sure that the desserts and pastries you make will be a hit with your loved ones.

We believe we take pastry courses to the next level. Our classes are not just about learning theory and completing homework, but about receiving constant feedback from experienced instructors. You will be in close contact with your instructors throughout the course, making it feel like a live practical lesson. With this level of engagement, our courses guarantee to deliver 100% results.

You can study from any device at your own pace. Plus, you are the one managing the exact amount of knowledge you want to receive by paying only for those courses that you're interested in. This means you can customize your training to fit your needs and budget.

Cooking newbie? No worries! Our videos are recorded with maximum detail and presented in an easy-to-understand format. You'll find our recipes based on natural ingredients without any additives, ensuring that your creations are both delicious and safe for your health.

Get access to more than just general recipes with our video tutorials. We offer detailed recipes for each component of the pastry product, from the dough to the filling to the decorative elements. This comprehensive approach allows you to learn the entire process of making pastry creations from scratch, giving you complete control over the ingredients and the final product. With our tutorials, you can achieve a deeper understanding and hone your skills to create impressive confections.

Let us guide you on a journey to unlock the secrets of the art of pastry making with's Online Pastry School. Our team of experienced instructors is here to help you hone your skills and unleash your culinary potential. Our comprehensive course materials, combined with flexible learning options, make it easy for you to become a master pastry chef, or even start your own pastry business. Join us today and let your creativity soar!