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Pastry secrets
Secrets to making perfect macarons
12 Apr 2023
Why does the surface of macarons crack when baked?If the cap is rising like a...
Kitchen thermometer
11 Apr 2023
Everyone who likes to cook and bake at some point of their culinary journey ponder...
Ptifur is a mini-refreshment or a mini-cake
10 Apr 2023
Ptifur is a mini-refreshment or a mini-cake. In France, they are classic already and are...
Homemade caramel
09 Apr 2023
Caramel is both easy and difficult to prepare. And there are so many myths about...
Truffles with of currant
08 Apr 2023
The truffles with dark chocolate and soft sourness of currant and hibiscus will for sure...
Panna Cotta with basil and raspberry
07 Apr 2023
Ingredients:15 g gelatin 180 bloom500 g cream 33%70 g sugar250 g raspberries20 g basil1 vanilla...
Snack cake with dried tomatoes and mozzarella
06 Apr 2023
Ingredients:3 eggs150 g flour100 g mozzarella50 g ham or smoked sausages70 g dried tomatoes100 g...
Berry Pie
05 Apr 2023
When it’s a berry season, you will love these two simple recipes in case you...
Bon bon chocolate
04 Apr 2023
Often in mousse, ganache, truffle recipes chocolate with a specific cocoa percentage is indicated.Sometimes we...
Flavor proportions
03 Apr 2023
Hello! Today we want to talk about foodpairing – how to combine tastes at work...
Secrets of a food photographer
02 Apr 2023
1. Use natural lighting. Light from the window works perfectly because it does not distort...
Perfect cheesecake
28 Oct 2022
Cheesecake is rightfully the most popular and loved desserts in the world. Creamy taste, light...
Tart with apricots and almond custard
28 Jul 2022
We prepared a free lesson for you that you can watch on our YouTube channel....
Choux with hot chocolate custard
28 May 2022
Choux dough:150 g water150 g milk6 g sugar6 g salt130 g butter160 g flour300 g...